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Parking Lot Sweeping Services in Calgary, Alberta

Parking Lot Sweeping Calgary

Winter is finally over leaving behind its yearly mark with surface lot and driveway debris. Sand, gravel, salt and traction sand often accumulate in Calgary after a winter of reduced sweeping, and require sweepers that are strong enough for this task. This material is often very heavy and stubborn and requires a powerful broom and conveyance action to remove it from the surface.

Give Gorilla Contracting Inc. a call to schedule a spring cleaning with our fleet of driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot power sweeping equipment to remove sand and salt, dirt and debris that Calgary’s winter left behind.

Please contact our office at 1-800-850-6221 and ask for a free quote.

Is it important for you to keep a well-maintained property?

If it is, call Gorilla Contracting Inc., and we will ensure your expectations are not only met, but also exceeded. We do spring cleaning, event cleaning and scheduled commercial or residential maintenance sweeping. This will lead to many benefits such as prolonging the life expectancy of the pavement, which in turn will eliminate the costly price of resurfacing or resealing.

What are some other advantages of having a well-maintained property?

Having a well-maintained property will give the customer, potential buyer, visitor and the neighborhood, the message that you care about the environment. That approach will give a long lasting impression that you are there to keep the environment friendly, not only now, but into the future too.

A well-maintained property, clean parking lot or driveway is a reflection of a well-managed operation. When visitors come to your home or office, what do they wish to see? Pavement? Or sand and debris? Which makes it easier to reach to the front door? We think we know the answer. We will ensure that your visitors will see the pavement and only that. And… will be able to reach to the front door.

Spring Clean Up and Power Sweeping

After a long, harsh winter, spring is on its way, the melting snow is revealing gravel and debris. We can clean up your lot by sweeping up all the rocks, gravel, litter, and other debris that has developed from such a harsh winter. We will arrange a street sweeper and boots on the ground equipped with backpack blowers to clean up every corner of your lot and looking like this past winter never happened!

Gorilla Contracting has a fleet of large powerful street sweepers allowing us to clear congested sidewalks, underground gravel, surface lots, driveways, residential or commercial complex roads and tight areas. We can schedule your cleaning at a time most convenient for you. With competitive rates and complete maintenance packages available upon request, why wait another day?

Schedule your spring power sweeping today!