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Parking Lot Asphalt Pothole & Crack Sealing Repair in Calgary

Potholes Repair Services

Potholes Repair Services

Potholes can become a safety concern for both vehicles and pedestrians. If left unattended, not only can bigger sections of the pavement fall away, but managers and owners can face safety lawsuits.

Potholes are formed due to a weakened road surface. As fractures develop, they interlock in a pattern called crocodile cracking. The pieces of pavement between cracks are worked loose and may be picked out of the surface by constant traffic loads, which then results in a pothole.

These potholes once developed can create a safety hazard and become dangerous to both motorists and pedestrians. Potholes can develop in all shapes and sizes and some can be very deep. If they become big enough, damage to wheel and suspensions can and do occur, resulting in road accidents, especially on motorways with greater speed limits. Potholes are usually not visible to road users.

A pothole repair cost is very small as compared to the possibility of a lawsuit if a motorist drives through it and damages their vehicle or if a pedestrian trips walking into it. Let Gorilla Contracting Inc. come out to professionally repair your potholes in Calgary. If not repaired quickly these can deteriorate the sub base which can then become an expensive asphalt repair or worst case scenario will have to be entirely reconstructed. The longer you leave it the costlier it can become. We use only good quality materials and warrant all our work.

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Effective Crack Sealing Services

You may think that asphalt is a strong and durable surface. And it turns out, you are right. Built from a combination of sand, rock, tar and bitumen, asphalt is incredibly strong and flexible. Yet even this surface can get damaged.

Because pavement is usually used for streets, parking lots and driveways, asphalt typically suffers a great deal of weight due to the heavy vehicles that drive across it or are parked on it. This weight of vehicles alone could damage the surface. But that’s not the only reason for pavement damage. Fluids – from heavy rainfall or from vehicles can weaken a pavement.

Don’t Delay Sealing Cracks

One of the first signs of asphalt damage is when cracks begin to appear. These cracks, if left neglected, can get worse in no time. What might have started out as a small repair job could quickly turn into a huge expense if you don’t get cracks repaired right away.

At Gorilla Contracting Inc., we understand how important it is to respond to your needs for asphalt crack sealing in Calgary as soon as possible. That’s why we do everything we can to quickly repair damaged surfaces. We’ll be there on time, and we’ll get the job done as quickly as possible.

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