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Calgary Snow Removal

According to Environment Canada, Calgary gets an average of 50-inches of snowfall per year, spread over 40 to 50 snowfall events. The snowfall accumulations of over 9-inches from one storm is not a rare sight! Keeping your property clear and safe requires good amount of time, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced labor, so having an experienced Calgary snow removal service is crucial to ensure the safety of you and your family during the winter months.

Don’t get stuck dealing with snow this winter, let Calgary’s Leading Snow Removal Service take care of all that for you! Book your FREE, no obligation quote today!

Why Choose Us?


A high-quality snow removal service is at the heart of Gorilla Contracting Inc’s success. Alberta’s snow is unpredictable, and is known to cause frustrating delays and shutdowns. With years of snow removal experience, your property is in safe (and, clear!) hands even during the heaviest of storms. A perfect example of our reliability is that we never use subcontractors, everything is done in-house, so you and your home can safely rely on us!


We offer a comprehensive range of services to make your winter season effortless and worry-free. Our Calgary Snow Removal services also include salt and sand applications. Our clients receive schedualed Calgary salting services after every clearing visit, as well as during freezing rain, sleet, slush and nuisance snow. Come winter our Calgary graveling services along with our loading equipment and large dedicated labor force get to work to ensure that the streets and properties are cleared for the public. Our service is fully automated – we take charge not only of plowing, but also of Calgary sanding services, so you can enjoy a professionally maintained property which is clean, safe, and passable.


When it comes to getting rid of the snow, planning ahead of time is crucial to ensure a clean and safe winter. Our team thoroughly maps the layout and specifics of each property, ensuring that the snow removal services are performed exactly to the client’s requirements. Since we are meticulous with planning, our drivers take practice runs before a single snowflake even touches the ground so that they become familiar with the route.