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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Calgary

Snow Removal & Cleaning Services

Our ice and snow management services include ice control, snow hauling, salting, graveling & sanding. Sidewalk clearing, snow plowing and total snow removal.

It doesn’t really matter as for which place you require our snow removal services. Whether it’s a parking lot, a medical facility, an office building or a driveway, Gorilla Contracting Inc. can provide efficient snow removal services for the entire Canadian winter season.

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Side Walk Snow Removal

Our team of experienced professionals are equipped with the right set of vehicles for efficiently clearing-off snow from the sidewalks. Presence of snow on sidewalks is risky. Anybody can slip on this snow and hurt him/her self severely. However, with the help of our innovative snow removal machinery, we can easily remove snow from sidewalks.

Our team is also trained for handling snow at porch stairways of multi unit buildings. Public walkways can also be made snow-free by our team so as to give a safe space for the pedestrians to walk on.

Snow Plowing Services

From bustling city roads to crowded parking lots and residential driveways, Gorilla Contracting Inc. provides snow plowing services during winter months throughout Calgary. Our team puts in their 100% effort in Canada’s chilling winter in order to provide the best snow removal services for the safety and comfort of the people.

Snow plowing products from leading brands like Western, Boss and Meyer are always available at our customer’s disposal to remove the snow from roads, drive ways and parking lots. Our team also understands that snowstorms are sudden and demand immediate attention. In that case, our employees stay alert and fully prepared so that whenever we get a service call, our team reaches the destination quickly.

Parking Lot Snow Removal

Snow removal in parking lots cannot be done efficiently without using salting, sand, gravel and de-icing agents. However, before commencing with work, our team first visits the site so as to inspect the designated area and provide the best service. We need to plan well ahead from time to determine the best salting, de-icing or melting agents to avoid damaging the surface.

Once those melting agents work their wonder, our team makes sure that the remaining job of plowing, hauling and relocating is done immediately so as to prevent the slip and fall cases from wet snow or ice. We make use of the best commercial spreaders for this job from brands like Boss and Meyer. This spreaders help to evenly spread salt and calcium chloride for immediate application on roads. Our facility has tonnes to be dispatched for use without any delay.

At Gorilla Contracting Inc. we make sure that the apathy of snow covered roads from which our customers are struggling is dealt effectively. With the help of efficient snow plowing and spreading tools, our team can remove snow from almost any surface in no time. Call us anytime to know more about our snow removal and plowing services.