Line Painting & Markings Services

Parking Lot and Roadway Line Painting Services

We specialize in providing top-quality parking lot and roadway line painting services, along with specialty stall markings. Our services are designed to ensure clear, durable, and compliant markings for a variety of commercial and public spaces.

Line Painting for Parking Lots and Roadways

Our standard line painting service delivers crisp, highly visible lines for parking lots and roadways. We use premium, weather-resistant paints to ensure longevity and visibility. Our team is skilled in creating precise, straight lines that meet all regulatory requirements, enhancing the safety and functionality of your parking areas and roads.

Custom Stall Markings and Specialty Designs

For businesses requiring custom stall markings or specialty designs, we offer tailored solutions. This includes reserved parking spaces, electric vehicle charging spots, handicap-accessible stalls, and more. We use vibrant, long-lasting paints to create custom designs that stand out and fulfill specific needs, adding a unique touch to your parking lot.

Sanding and Salting

Our sanding and salting services in Calgary are designed to enhance safety by providing extra traction on icy surfaces. Ideal for high-traffic areas, our environmentally responsible materials reduce slip hazards, ensuring safer walkways and parking lots. These services are particularly beneficial for preventing accidents and maintaining safe conditions in icy weather.

Roadway Markings for Safety and Compliance

Our roadway marking services encompass everything from basic road lines to complex symbols and text. We ensure that all markings are compliant with local and national safety standards, providing clear guidance and information to drivers and pedestrians. This service is crucial for maintaining safe and orderly traffic flow.

Re-striping and Maintenance Services

Over time, parking lot and roadway markings can fade. Our re-striping and maintenance services ensure that your markings remain clear and visible. We provide quick and efficient re-striping services, minimizing disruption to your operations and keeping your property looking its best.

Reflective and Non-slip Coatings

For enhanced safety, especially in areas with low visibility or high pedestrian traffic, we offer reflective and non-slip coatings. These specialized paints increase visibility at night and provide additional traction in wet conditions, significantly enhancing safety for both drivers and pedestrians.