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Calgary Parking Lot Ice Removal Services

In peak season, snow removal becomes a necessity in Calgary. The weather is very unpredictable and can change in the blink of an eye. Take the guess work out of the snowy season with Calgary parking lot ice removal and sanding services from Gorilla Contracting Inc.

At Gorilla Contracting, we have the skilled manpower and right equipment to battle the snow. We customize a plan of attack for each parking lot to ensure we are not doing too little or too much for each storm.

Our Parking Lot Ice Removal Services include:

  • Calgary Parking lot Gravel
  • Calgary Parking lot Sanding
  • Calgary Parking lot Salting
  • Calgary Parking lot Salting
  • Calgary Snow Hauling
  • On-site relocation / Off Site Hauling and Dumping

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We Make Your Winters Hassle-Free

Winter conditions can be challenging for both pedestrians and motorists – huge chunks of ice in the parking lots can get you late for that important meeting. Our main objective is to provide safe parking lots so that our city residents no longer have to face traffic delays and accidents.

After a major winter storm, you can rely on our services to help you get it rid of the snow in your parking lot. Our experienced snow removal and salting team will come to your home or business for salting or snow removal (and ice of course!). We will plow, haul, and if necessary even relocate snow when the weather is especially rowdy. Don’t let your visitors or customers worry about slipping and falling at your property. Choose our parking lot snow removal services and enjoy a peace of mind.

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