Steps To Take Care & Maintain Your Deck!

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7 Steps To Take Care & Maintain Your Deck!

Your deck is one of the most used and beautiful part of your property. It not only adds a curb appeal to the house but also increases the value of your property. We use it throughout the year and should take care of it in the best possible manner. Since it remains exposed all the time, it is likely to get affected by a lot of external factors.

This can make it loose out on its charm and beauty. One should make regular efforts to make sure the deck remains in the best form throughout the year,

7 Steps To Take Care & Maintain Your Deck!

7 Steps To Take Care Of Your Deck:-

  • Scraping

Scraping your deck will help you in removing any kind of dust or debris from the wood. These little particles can affect the quality of the wood, making its life shorter. It is recommended to scrape your deck once every week to make it dust free. Also, scrape damaged areas to bare wood.

  • Protect The Plants

Taking care of your deck involves the use of cleaners which have toxic substance. One should try to cover the plants with plastic sheets in order to protect them from any kind of toxic reactions. Also, one should cover their hands and feet with gloves and shoes before using the cleaners.

  • Prepare The Cleaning Solution

There are a lot of deck cleaners available in the market. One should buy the cleaner depending on the type of wood used for your deck. Simply put the amount of cleaner in a bucket of water, depending on the area of your deck.

  • Apply The Cleaning Solution

Now it’s time to apply the cleaning solution to your deck. You have two options to do it, either with hands or using a power washer. Using your hands would prove to be a cheaper solution but will take more time. No matter what you use, make sure each and every part is addressed carefully including any stairs, railings etc.

  • Washing

After you are done with applying the cleaner, your next step is to wash the deck. Here, it is greatly recommended to use power washer or a garden hose instead of doing it with buckets. Also, make sure not to focus too much on one area as this may lead to the wood of the deck getting damaged.

  • Managing Damaged Wood

After everything is done, look for any kind of repair which is to be done. Make sure all the nails are in their position. If any of the board is damaged, repair or replace it at the earliest. See if you can manage on your own, else call out a professional.

  • Use Stain To Protect

After you are done with cleaning and repair, its time to use stain to protect it against the external disturbances. Stain comes in dark and light color, which can cover or show the grain of the wood. Depending on the wood and your need, pick the right one.

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