Tips To Hire A Snow Removal Contractor

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Snow Removal Service

The old man winter has finally arrived with snow on the menu. And, no matter how beautiful and pure the snow may look, it is a pain in the neck when you have it in your driveway and you are getting late for work. That’s a nuisance that is unfortunately part of life for people in Calgary.

Removing heaps of snow can be a chore. Perhaps you might be planning to leave the shovel in the garage this winter and hire a snow removal service instead. Before you do, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Get Several Estimates

    Prices can differ significantly and are usually based on the amount of work, which includes the layout of the property, size of the area to be cleared, and whether in addition to plowing, the customer requests snow blowing or shoveling to remove excess snow from other areas. Remember, the cheapest service is not always the best service.

  2. Ask about Additional Charges and Price options

    Apart from the quoted price, there are sometimes additional charges during huge storms. When the snow reaches a certain depth, some contractors charge by the inch, so it is important find out how the service calculates the size of the snowfall. Then there are some contractors that may offer a fixed price for the whole season, regardless of the amount of snowfall.

  3. Make Sure to Inquire about the Services You are Getting

    Ask the contractor what exactly is included in the estimate.

    • What about the cost of sand and salt
    • Does the contractor has to come back?
    • Will the service remove snow loads from the building roof tops?
    • Are there any additional charges?
  4. Ask for references and check them out.

  5. Do not Settle on an Agreement Over a Phone Call

    It is important for the snow removal contractor to provide you with a written agreement. A representative should visit your property, examine it and make notes about the requested service and potential obstacles. Before signing the agreement, make sure to ask who will be held responsible for damages, such as broken gates or cracked driveways. Ask if the contractor is insured and/or bonded.

Keep your expectations realistic. You should know that snow storm makes traveling difficult for the contractor. During heavy snowfalls, workers are supposed to be extra cautious when traveling and plowing, therefore it may take time for the contractor to reach your place and start the work.

By keeping the above mentioned tips in mind, the stress of finding a reliable and responsible contractor can lessen to a great extent. Be prepared, and enjoy the winter!

Gorilla Contracting – one of the leading snow removal and lawn maintenance contractors in Calgary wishes everyone happy holidays!