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Smart Tips To Tackle Ice Dams On Roofs

Smart Tips To Tackle Ice Dams On Roofs

Ice dams are a common problem during winters, especially if you are residing in North America. With heavy and dense snowfall, homeowners may face the issues of clogged gutters, ice dams on roofs and frozen basements. Due to all these issues, one may feel the need of calling snow removal experts that can remove the ice buildups from your property.

To prevent expensive roof repairs, never ignore the long icicles hanging down your rain gutters. Ice dams can cause severe damage to your roof, along with trapping moisture and mold build up at the roof line. One of the effective way advised by fence builders to prevent ice dams is adding proper insulation and ventilation to an attic.

Some tips to tackle the issue of unwanted ice dams on roof are:

    • Removal of Snow: The foremost step to remove ice from roof is to use a specialized equipment known as roof rake. With the help of a rake, one can ideally pull the snow down along the slope. To avoid any damage to roof line or shingles, its advised to call snow removal company for service.
    • Chip the Ice Away: If the rainwater from your roof isn’t able to perform properly or your rain gutter is near to fall down, chip away the ice to take an immediate precaution. This will allow the water to flow easily along the slope of the roof. By chipping away the ice, a homeowner can prevent uprooted shingles, water seepage and underlying moisture risks.
    • Don’t Use Chemicals: Though most of the DIY methods for ice removal suggests using chemicals, we generally advise not to use chemicals like salt or calcium chloride. The reason behind this is that chemicals are extremely corrosive in nature and with prolonged usage they can damage the shingles. Moreover, the run off containing salt and chemicals can retard the plant growth and pollute the water sources.
    • Call a Professional: Snow removal or getting rid of ice dams is not at all a DIY task. Since roofs are located at a height, we recommend hiring snow removal experts for service to prevent deadly incidents. Walking on a snow covered roof is highly prohibited as there are great chances of slipping or falling down on ice.

These are some of the effective tips that can help a homeowner get rid of ice dams in a safe manner. By ventilating and insulating an attic, one can greatly prevent the formation of ice dams. If your roofs are filled with ice and rain gutters are lagging down, call our snow removal professionals at Gorilla Contracting Inc.