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Home Outdoor Renovation /Additions /Improvement Services


Outdoor space of any residential premises is equally important as the living space. Without proper maintenance and periodic improvements, your home’s outdoor space turns dilapidated. To prevent that from happening, you can always ask for the trusted outdoor remodelling services of Gorilla Contracting

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Sprinkler/Irrigation Services

We are the proven experts when it comes to lawn irrigation services in Calgary. Our team is equipped with high performance tools through which they promise to give you the highest level of customer satisfaction. Apart from providing myriad irrigation services including design, installation and maintenance, we, at Gorilla Contracting, can also guide you on various water saving products and techniques. Following is a list of some irrigation services we install in Calgary homes:

  • Irrigation System Designing
  • Installation of Fixtures
  • Spring Start-Ups
  • System Assessments
  • Winterization Shut Down
  • Irrigation System Servicing
  • Repair of Faulty Fixtures
  • Landscape Irrigation Audits

Lighting Services

A well structured landscape lighting plan can really rev-up the mood, ambience and beauty of the entire place. It not only improves the curb appeal of your home but also adds up to the safety and security of your property. Our landscape lighting services can help you to highlight the architectural high points of your house like entrance, patio, fountains, ponds etc. The lighting techniques used by our professionals can also be used to cast shadows and silhouette shapes. Our lighting services include:

  • Design Plan for Outdoor Lights
  • Landscape Lighting Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting Repairs
  • Upgrades and Additions of Lights
  • Pot Light Replacements
  • Christmas Light Installation
  • Damaged Wire Tracking
  • Transformer Repair/Replacement

Patio Services

The trend of creating unique outdoor living spaces has taken a off recently amongst the homeowners. While thinking about outdoor living areas, patios are something that instantly come to mind.

We, at Gorilla Contracting Inc, have been creating exceptional patio spaces from a long time for the residents of Calgary. Our professionals are best at squeezing every inch of possible space so as to create a patio area that serves great for your family and guests. Our various patio services include:

  • Patio Designing Services
  • Stone/Brick Flooring
  • Flowers and Shrubs
  • Patio Furniture Advice
  • Patio Lighting Installation
  • Outdoor Cooking Space
  • Fountains and Ponds
  • Fire Pit Installation

Landscaping Services

Every homeowner dreams his/her landscape to have a lush green garden, healthy shrubs and trees along with a stone path in the middle.

All of this and much more happens with Gorilla Contracting’s outstanding landscaping services in Calgary. Our skilled professionals use the perfect blend of technology and their expertise to create world class landscapes for Calgary’s residents. Following are some renowned landscaping services provided by our professionals:

  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
  • Plants, Flowers and Tree Care
  • Interlocking Paver Designing
  • Treatment of Garden Beds
  • Wood and Stone Work
  • Flagstone and Brick Paths
  • Fence and Deck Design
  • Sod Installation and Maintenance

We, at Gorilla Contracting, have been in operation for more than a decade creating beautiful cozy spaces that people call homes. This is sole reason why we are the leaders of home renovation and landscaping services.